Welcome to my casting corner. This little store is here to help other customizers achieve extra parts necessary to complete their action figure projects by using resin parts. All parts provided here are mainly for Justice League Unlimited and Super Powers action figure customizing. Most parts for sale are duplicates of the 2 lines and some unique original sculpts that can be used also made by some the great talented animated custom builders around the world-wide net including myself. Most customizers like to use the resin duplicates as a base for sculpting over or just paint over in different schemes to create a different character.

Castings will be added to the list when I have them available for sale. Periodically some items may be replaced with different items.

Thank you for stopping by.


Disclaimer about resin parts:
Some filling & trimming may be required to some castings due to air bubbles that might form while making. May develop in the chins or the back side of specific parts but not all casts develop air pockets. Pour spouts may also need to be cut and sanded down. This is how I keep prices low. I won’t sell anything that needs major work unless noted in the description or the scale-set is 3. If you are new to customizing or just a collector looking to paint a part, please be advised that the castings are not perfect every time they are made. I only provide resin casts at a fair price to help fellow customizers fulfill their custom projects. Parts can be used as a sculpting base and can be used in a hot water method if using Sculpy. Light sanding will more than likely be needed because the casts are straight from the mold and then stocked and at times made to order. All casts are white in color and does not necessarily need to be primed before painting but you may do so at your discretion, especially if you did any sanding. Castings can be cleaned with warm soapy water after sanding or before painting.

Character casts are made for face value. due to process, air holes/dimples and resin lines from the molding process may need to be filled and sanded on the back side of all casts.

Skill Level Chart For Parts and Kits

Easy level: Using parts that are assemble- and paint-ready. Some cast parts may require little to no work. Requires very light sanding to cast parts. Some filling of small holes may be necessary before lightly sanding to some parts but not all.  (mainly head casts)

Moderate level: A step above easy, requiring possible additional sanding and/or clean-up to some cast parts. Requires the ability to modify cast parts to work with existing retail parts (i.e. retail limbs affixed to a cast torso).

Advanced level: All previously listed skills. Also requires the knowledge and ability to fill, sand, shape, and/or otherwise modify cast and existing retail parts to complete a “kit bash” or  “character kit”.

Large orders:

If you would like to place an order for multiples of a particular single resin part, please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipped because these may have to be made to order if these are not fully stocked to the amount desired.

Order Processing:

Any order received will take about a week or 2 (7-14 days) to fill and ship. Sometimes a little bit longer depending on size of the order.


Charges for shipping will be included into your final price. The shipping charge is based on sales inside the United States and International flat rates. Most but not all orders are shipped in a USPS small flat rate box depending on size of the orders. International Shipping is the cheapest it can be as it is sent as a “gift” and I take no responsibility of damage or lost packages unless you would like to pay for insurance which that will increase highly on the shipping charge but will be insured. please contact me if you wish to add insurance to your package. The paypal and handling fee will be part of the shipping as of 1-22-2012. sorry for the inconvenience of the charge.


All payments are excepted through the Paypal secure website. Paypal seller fees are included on total check out items as a flat fee of $1 on all individual orders that will be included into the shipping which is only a portion of the fee that is taken out on my end. I will not ask for any personal finance information. Your Finances are between Paypal and yourself. Please make sure that your mailing address is accurate with Paypal because this is the address used for shipping any orders.

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If you have any questions in regards to ordering parts, make payment arrangements other than paypal or commission work, please contact me



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